SeruGlow with Shannon

Marjune Soyosa Specials

SeruGlow is a microchanneling treatment that infuses custom serums directly into the skin to target skin concerns from uneven skin tone to fine lines.

It also helps to stimulate elastin and collagen while the serums deeply hydrate and brighten the skin. This is a great add-on to other treatments too!

Summer-Safe Laser Treatment

Marjune Soyosa Specials

Look visibly younger with our Bright & Tight laser treatment

Bright & Tight sculpts your jawline, cheekbones, and neck to rejuvenate skin and stimulate elastin. It’s gentle enough to firm delicate areas around the eyes, mouth, & chest.

Products We Love

Marjune Soyosa Specials

Loving Tan Self-Tanner Mousse & Mitt

Whether you’re poolside or inside with the air conditioning, look effortlessly sun-kissed without the harmful UV damage of tanning.

Our deluxe bronzing mousse in shades of medium & dark gives you a natural-looking tan within minutes with an easy, streak-free application.

ISDIN Isdinceutics Age Contour Cream

Marjune Soyosa Specials

Moisturize, firm, and tighten the face & neck with a single cream day and night!

Visibly smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while redefining the neck and jawline for visibly smoother, firmer skin.