Utilizing only the finest earth-derived minerals, La Bella Donna has created one of the finest cosmetic lines available today. The Aesthetic Center offers a complete collection of mineral-based cosmetics, La Bella Donna makes beauty more achievable than ever with formulations that nourish the skin while minimizing subtle flaws. All La Bella Donna formulas are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, oils, alcohol and fragrances, providing an all-natural way to enhance your beauty. Because all La Bella Donna products are made with the same natural ingredients, the products are interchangeable. A blush can be used as an eyeshadow, a lip liner can be an eye liner, and more. Feel free to experiment as you discover just how beautiful you can be with La Bella Donna.


Loose Mineral Foundation is a way of life. It is lighter and therefore gives you a sheerer application. Skin looks perfect and blush and shadow goes on evenly. Loose Minerals are so light they feel like you have nothing on. It may be layered over and over, and will be barely detectable. Application perfection!
Compressed Mineral Foundation offers convenience in a slim, silver signature compact and allows more coverage with a matte finish.


A crossover of nature’s versatile colors that can be worn alone or combined with a La Bella Donna Angle Fluff Brush blend. Each color combination will make you want to purchase two, one for home and one for your gym bag for after work. Easy to wear and works for any occasion. SOPHISTICATED BASICS… a La Bella Donna signature.


Magnify your mouth. You can give your lips a plumper look with a little bit of our Lip Sheer, that will reflect light and make your lips appear larger. Our Lip Pencils will define the natural line of your lips. The benefits of our Lip Sheer far exceed just a pretty color. Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen complex keep lips moisturized and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Sweet Cheeks

Though you rarely hear people discuss cheeks and cheekbones as a focal feature of the face, they are actually one of the most integral parts of the overall look. And accepted technique used to be was to apply blush underneath the cheekbones, however now it is all about the apples of the cheeks. Applying blush here adds youth and vitality, and makes you look naturally flushed.


Quads of compressed mineral bronzing colors give your skin a special shimmer and luminous glow. Combine colors from each compact to create your own personal color style. Use the La Bella Donna Bronzer Brush to sweep over the surface of the quad of monochromatic metallic tones. Minerals naturally accentuate your features, immediately highlighting and defining your face. The quads of color may be used as eyeshadow, blush and for décolletage.


Our specially designed brushes promote even coverage for face and body without streaking, creating a beautiful, blended finish. Compact and easy to travel, these dense brushes apply exact color application for extreme intensity to blend colors and/or smudge lines, giving you optimum blending. Flawlessly smooth for applying foundation where fingers can’t and are gentle enough to avoid pulling the delicate skin around the eye.

Minerals for Men

Hello Men! Golf, Tennis, Pool, Beach, Vacation? Now you can enjoy all of these without the harmful effects of the sun!
We have taken years to create translucent, completely natural sun protection for Men. It has complete UVA/UVB protection which means that you are also protected from the overhead lighting that contain UVA/UVB infrared rays (i.e. fluorescent lighting) which are in most offices, and public facilities, while also protecting you from the sun and the environment including when you work out, go skiing, dive in the pool, and playing outdoor sports.


Sun Protection

La Bella Donna bridges the gap between wellness and beauty. All ingredients are natural and contain natural sun protection. Micronized titanium dioxide is a key ingredient. It is found naturally in minerals and does not clog pores or dry out the skin. It works quite remarkably as it allows light to pass through the visible ray region while intercepting the ultraviolet rays. Micronized titanium dioxide guards against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, yet gives the skin a natural looking finish. Research shows micronized titanium dioxide provides a natural barrier to UVA and UVB radiation without irritation, burning or stinging.

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